Balance Bike Training Starts for the Afternoon Group!

This week saw the first of our balance bike training sessions for the Afternoon Group.  The children (and grown ups) learned how to put a helmet on correctly – it should sit just above the eyebrows and be tight enough not to move if you nod your head forward.  We also learned the names of some of the bike parts.  We then got to have a go on the bikes.  Unfortunately we got a bit wet today!

Please come along and support your child with their training – you can continue what we have learned at home too.  We ideally need 3-4 adults to enable the children to get the most out of the sessions.  The training will not be able to take place if there is no adult help at all.  Thank you to the mums and dads who came along to help this week.


Balance Bike Success for the Morning Group

Today we received our certificates of achievement for all our hard work with the balance bike training. When we started the training only 3 of us could ride a balance bike, and now we all can!  The boys and girls have all worked really hard and deserve to be proud of their achievements.  As well as learning how to ride a bike, the children’s listening skills and following of instructions has improved too!

A huge thank you to all the mums, dads, grannies and granddads who came to support the children.  It made a big difference to have you helping.

After each session Mrs Gaunt scribed our comments into the Talking and Thinking Floorbook, and we drew pictures.  Please have a look – it’s on display near the cloakroom.

There are evaluation sheets in each child’s pigeon-hole.  Please spare a few minutes to give us some feedback on the programme.  I have some spare copies too, if grannies and grandads who came to help would complete one.

Here are some photos from this week:

Summer Family Fun Day – Saturday 28th May at 10am – 12pm

Roll up! Roll up! Tickets on sale NOW ?
Family Fun Day on Saturday 28th May at 10am-12pm at Loretto RC Primary School

Please send money into the school office in a sealed envelope marked ‘Fun Day’ with your child/children’s name and how many child & adult tickets required. Cheques can be made payable to ‘Loretto Parent Partnership’

Tickets on sale now – £3 for 1 child, £5 for 2 children, £6 for 3 children and £1 per adult and each additional child within the same family.

Ticket price includes unlimited Inflatable Assault Course, Small Bouncy Castle (for nursery/toddlers), Sumo Suits, Animal Man Petting Zoo, Hook-a-Duck, Outdoor Games, Face Painting, Summer Selfie Booth, Live Music, Fire Engine display, Special Ops Ambulance Vehicle display, Riding of the Marches rep and much much more…

We’ll also have the ever popular Home Baking Stall, Teas/Coffees and Hot Rolls, Craft Stalls, ‘Reading is Braw’ Book Stall and there’s some great raffle prizes to be won on the day!

As always, we’ll need as many helpers as possible so please let us know if you’re willing and able (even a short 20min shift is a really great help).

If you have any great quality kids books that you’d like to donate for our ‘Reading is Braw’ stall then please drop them off at school next week ? Huge thanks for all your support ??

Also, if you have your own small business or even a generous employer who would consider donating a voucher/prize for our Summer Raffle then please hand any raffle prize donations into the school office next week. The raffle will be drawn at the Summer Family Fun Day on Saturday 28th May at 12pm ??

Home baking can be handed into school on Friday 27th May or preferably on the Saturday morning ???

Many thanks ?


Reading is Braw – we had a Bookbug Pirate Party this Afternoon!

We had a special story time, walked the plank and had some yummy buns today. We were getting our Pirate Bookbug packs, which contain pirate story books, coloured pencils and activity sheets.  Here are some photos of us receiving our packs:



Pirate Bookbug Pack Gifting Party – Thursday 14:30-15:00

It is Bookbug week from 16th-22nd May!  Find out more about Bookbug and the Scottish Booktrust here.

Our Ante-Preschool children will be presented with their Bookbug Pirate Packs on Thursday.  They will walk the plank to receive them!

Parents and carers are welcome to join us for a special story-time and some buns. Your child can come dressed up as a pirate on Thursday if they want to.  We also have lots of pirate outfits at nursery.

Loretto Parent Partnership AGM – Tuesday 24th May

Please, please, please come along to the Loretto Parent Partnership AGM on Tuesday 24th May 2016 at 6:30pm in the school dining hall. This will be the last meeting of the school year 🙂

This is your chance to put your name down for class representatives from Nursery to P7.  If you haven’t done it before why not give it a try?  Or maybe you would be interested in becoming Chair, Vice chair, Treasurer or even Clerk?  This would be the time to come along. Don’t be shy come and give it a try ??. We would be very grateful for the support as always.

Sandra (Current Chair).


The Sun Shone for our Wheel-a-Thon!

We were most fortunate yesterday with the weather for the Wheel-a-Thon.  The children had great fun going around the course on the playground, though it was hard work!  Lots of mums, dads, grandparents and friends came to encourage us.

We are fundraising to buy a set of 5 balance bikes/helmets that will cost in the region of £500. We may also be able to subsidise the nursery end-of-term outing depending on the amount raised.  Please bring any monies in by the end of next week, if possible.

The Morning Group…

The Afternoon Group…






Remember to bring a bike/trike/scooter and helmet on Tuesday for our fundraising Wheel-a-Thon!

We shall be holding our annual fundraising event – a Wheel-a-Thon – on Tuesday 10th May at 11:30-12:00 for the Morning Group, and 14:30-15:00 for the Afternoon Group. Parents and carers are welcome to come and watch.

Please remember to bring a (non-motorised) bike, trike, scooter etc to nursery for your child on Tuesday (10th May) for our annual fundraising event.  Don’t forget to bring a helmet too.

If you cannot manage this we have some nursery trikes, scooters and helmets that your child can borrow (not the balance bikes).

We are raising funds to buy a set of our own balance bikes/helmets so children can continue to develop their skills, and also to put towards our end of term trip, reducing the cost to parents/carers.