Remember to bring a bike/trike/scooter and helmet on Tuesday for our fundraising Wheel-a-Thon!

We shall be holding our annual fundraising event – a Wheel-a-Thon – on Tuesday 10th May at 11:30-12:00 for the Morning Group, and 14:30-15:00 for the Afternoon Group. Parents and carers are welcome to come and watch.

Please remember to bring a (non-motorised) bike, trike, scooter etc to nursery for your child on Tuesday (10th May) for our annual fundraising event.  Don’t forget to bring a helmet too.

If you cannot manage this we have some nursery trikes, scooters and helmets that your child can borrow (not the balance bikes).

We are raising funds to buy a set of our own balance bikes/helmets so children can continue to develop their skills, and also to put towards our end of term trip, reducing the cost to parents/carers.