Balance Bike Training Starts for the Afternoon Group!

This week saw the first of our balance bike training sessions for the Afternoon Group.  The children (and grown ups) learned how to put a helmet on correctly – it should sit just above the eyebrows and be tight enough not to move if you nod your head forward.  We also learned the names of some of the bike parts.  We then got to have a go on the bikes.  Unfortunately we got a bit wet today!

Please come along and support your child with their training – you can continue what we have learned at home too.  We ideally need 3-4 adults to enable the children to get the most out of the sessions.  The training will not be able to take place if there is no adult help at all.  Thank you to the mums and dads who came along to help this week.


Balance Bike Success for the Morning Group

Today we received our certificates of achievement for all our hard work with the balance bike training. When we started the training only 3 of us could ride a balance bike, and now we all can!  The boys and girls have all worked really hard and deserve to be proud of their achievements.  As well as learning how to ride a bike, the children’s listening skills and following of instructions has improved too!

A huge thank you to all the mums, dads, grannies and granddads who came to support the children.  It made a big difference to have you helping.

After each session Mrs Gaunt scribed our comments into the Talking and Thinking Floorbook, and we drew pictures.  Please have a look – it’s on display near the cloakroom.

There are evaluation sheets in each child’s pigeon-hole.  Please spare a few minutes to give us some feedback on the programme.  I have some spare copies too, if grannies and grandads who came to help would complete one.

Here are some photos from this week: