Developing Balancing Skills in Gym

The Afternoon Group had a very busy gym lesson this week!  We are focussing on balancing skills in preparation for our balance bike training which will be starting soon.

After a ‘Funky Monkey’ warm up, we had a go at three different kinds of activities to develop our awareness of balance: balancing beanbags on heads, balancing on a bench and balancing on stepping stones. As always, we finished up with one of our ‘Relax Kids’ relaxation stories.

Please make sure your child has a pair of clean, indoor shoes (named!) at nursery for our gym lessons.  These must not be shoes that have been worn on the way to nursery.  If you could please change your child into their gym shoes on arrival at nursery on a Thursday afternoon, this will save us valuable time at the gym hall.

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Balance Bikes – Week 3

This week we have learned more about how to mount and dismount, control, and steer the balance bikes.  We played games that helped us develop these skills.

Here are some of our comments from this week, followed by some photos and video:

We learned balance.  We learned to get off with your left leg and your right leg.

We learned gliding.  Moles.  The moles peep at you and if you crash into them they die.  It was really fun.  I was ‘xcited.  It was really ‘xciting gliding!

We were playing snakes.  We don’t allowed to wake them up ‘cos they were sleeping.  We don’t allowed to knock the cones.

We couldn’t touch the cones and we were going round them at each side.

The snakes game.  The snake is sleeping and we going very quietly.

I was using the brake.

We played the snakes and use the brake when we comed back.  I felt ‘xhausted.

We learned balance.  I was going side to side.  We can’t go over the molehills.  Pass them.

You go right to get on and to get off is left.

Some of us got an extra shot of the balance bikes on the nursery playground for practise.  We decided by ourselves to play What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?  Here is a short video of us using our new skills independently (along with a little bit of cheating!!!).

Important Information for those Returning to Nursery in August

East Lothian Council are currently dealing with pre-school and ante pre-school nursery places for August 16. Morning places are allocated strictly by date of birth.  This includes children currently in our nursery and those pre-school children on the waiting list.

Parents should be aware and not presume that all current ante preschool children will transfer to the morning as there may be children on the waiting list who are older and will be eligible for an AM place.

Places will be offered by East Lothian Council at the end of May. Final numbers and arrangements cannot be made until offers are accepted and finalised.

Please be aware then that it will be into June before we are able to advise whether your child will be morning or afternoon for Aug 16.

We appreciate parents need to make arrangements so we will keep you as informed as quickly as we can.