Balance Bikes!

The Afternoon Group are now into their fourth week of Balance Bike training. Thank you to the mums, dads and aunties who have come along to support so far – without you the training would have been unable to take place. As the training progresses children will benefit even more from an adult being present to help them with the games, and it is rewarding for you to share their achievements.

Please note that the Thursday 15:30 groups will be moved to the Wednesday 22nd and 29th because of the nursery trip and sports day.

We are still receiving some sponsor money so can’t give you a final total yet, but we have raised enough to buy our own set of balance bikes and helmets which are being delivered from Belhaven Bikes in Dunbar on Monday. Thank you for your generous contributions which will mean that future classes will benefit from this resource.  If you have still to hand money in, please do so as soon as possible.

Here are some photos of the Monday Group playing the Shark game: