Balance Bike Success

The Afternoon Group completed their balance bike training this week, and I’m sure you will agree that they have achieved great things in the last six weeks.  Most children couldn’t ride a balance bike at the start of the training, and this week they were confidently controlling the bikes to ride a figure of eight!  Nearly all of the children were able to receive their certificates of achievement today and they look rightly proud of themselves.

A special thank you to the mums and dads who came along to help in all weathers.  The children really needed the extra adult support and without you the training would not have been able to take place.

Thank you also to everyone who contributed to our fundraising effort.  We now have our very own set of 5 bikes and helmets which will be available for children to continue to practise their skills in the nursery playground next term.  We shall keep them safely locked inside the school building over the summer!

After a total of 11 weeks and 48 lessons, 40 children have had the opportunity to learn to ride a balance bike!  Phew!