PEEP at Loretto

We are coming to the end of the current block of PEEP.  We have had good fun!  Some of the subjects we have covered this block are: A Sense of Order; Helping to Understand and Manage Behaviour, Imaginative Play with Puppets; Becoming a Good Listener; The Importance of Support and Encouragement and Becoming Me.

A new block of PEEP will run for 8 sessions starting on Friday 20th January.  Spaces are limited to 6 families.  If you want to sign up to attend for the block, or want further information, please speak to Mrs Gaunt or check out the PEEP page on the website.


3 thoughts on “PEEP at Loretto

  1. I would highly recommend peep, it was a great opportunity to learn how to communicate effectively using top tips from each topic. Mrs Gaunts knowledge and peep experience I personally found useful, Jessica and I really enjoy each session. Thank you

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