Bookbug Adventure Bag Gifting

Thanks to all the dads, mums, grannies, granddads, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters and friends who came along to our special story time this afternoon.  The children who joined our Afternoon Group since August received their Explorer Bookbug bags.  We listened to two stories from the bags – The Disgusting Sandwich and Owl Babies.  The recipe for the delicious biscuits made by the children can be found below the photographs, as several of you have asked for it!


Oat and Raisin Biscuits

Makes about 32

250 g self-raising flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

175g porridge oats

250g block margarine, at room temperature

200g caster sugar

½ teaspoon real vanilla essence

50 g raisins, dried sour cherries or dried cranberries (or chocolate chips!)

Mix the flour with the baking powder and oats.  Cream the butter, sugar and vanilla until fluffy.

Using your hands or a wooden spoon, gradually work in the flour mixture and dried fruit.  Knead the mixture until it comes together.

Roll it into balls about 3 cm across.  Place the balls well apart on the baking sheets, and then flatten them slightly with your fingers.

Cook in a preheated oven at 180 C/Gas 4 for about 10-12 minutes until firm enough to transfer to a wire rack.

Leave to cool completely, then store in an airtight container and eat within 1 week, or freeze for up to 1 month.