World Book Day Thursday 2nd March

This year World Book Day is on Thursday 2nd March. Next week we will be thinking about our favourite stories and characters and will be doing various activities around this.

On Thursday the children can come dressed to nursery as their favourite book character and bring their favourite story with them (please put your child’s name on the book).

We look forward to seeing all the children dressed up next week.

Bears at the Beach

Adventure Teds were at the beach today. They went to Seacliff, near North Berwick. They got a bit stranded on a rock when the tide came in!  Fortunately they were rescued without getting wet.

They are looking forward to seeing all the boys and girls again when nursery resumes on Tuesday (21st).

Teds find some snow!

The Bears travelled north to the Cairngorms in search of some snow.  There was loads at Glenshee where lots of people were skiing and snowboarding.  The snow ploughs were working very hard to keep the snow off the road.  They went up to Cairn O’Mount and luckily the snow gates were open!  They got very cold paws in the snow.

Friday Morning at the Art Exhibition and Music!

Today the afternoon group visited the Art Exhibition and enjoyed a sing a long with Janice.

It was lovely to see some of our morning group friends join us as we visited the exhibition. We spotted our Jackson Pollock creations as well as some ‘Bosch’ beautiful monsters and spotty ‘Pointillism’.

When we returned to the nursery we had a fun sing a long with Janice. We pretended to be seals and elephants as we sang ‘Mama’s taking me to the zoo tomorrow’, and practised our ‘Yeehaa’ for ‘Coming round the mountain.’

We hope everyone has a lovely half term break and see you all on Tuesday 21st February.

Valentine’s Café

We had a very busy and successful café with both the Morning and Afternoon Groups!

For the last week we have been preparing by making signs, lists, deciding what to bake/drinks to serve and prices to charge.  We made menus and place cards.  We baked cinnamon biscuits and scones, and made and decorated cupcakes.

Today we opened our doors to families and friends for our Valentine’s café.  The children took orders, served the customers and took the money at the end.  We hope you enjoyed it!  Please leave a review below or complete a review sheet at nursery tomorrow (or both!).


Our Café!





Valentine’s Café

Come and join us at our café in nursery next Wednesday (8th February).  11:30am for the Morning Group and 1:30pm for the Afternoon Group (please bring children at normal time so they can help set up).

We will be serving home baking and drinks.  You can choose two sweet treats and a drink.  The children will be taking orders, serving the food and presenting the bills at the end.  The cost is £2.

Spaces are limited to one adult per child to start with.  Please book your table on Monday!  There may be some spare spaces available on Tuesday.

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