2017/18 Childhood Flu Campaign

Parents are being urged to join the fight against flu this winter by ensuring children aged 2 to 5 get the flu immunisation

With health professionals warning there is potential for this year’s flu season to be serious, the campaign encourages parents to make an appointment with their GP practice to get their child immunised

The call comes as figures reveal 41% of 2 to 5-year-old children in Scotland didn’t take up the offer of the flu vaccine in 2016.

The vaccine helps protect children against flu and reduces the chance of them spreading the virus to others.

Latest findings from Scotland also provide evidence that the nasal flu vaccine has reduced the risk of hospitalisation in those who are immunised.

Flu is more than just a bad cold. It’s highly infectious with symptoms that come on very quickly and it can hit anyone. The flu vaccine is the safest and most effective way to help protect against flu this year.

To find out more about the childhood flu vaccine and its benefits visit immunisationscotland.org.uk/childflu or phone NHS inform on 0800 22 44 88

Visit to Primary one for storytime

Yesterday we visited Primary One to read them the story that we all wrote together called The flying boat. We all enjoyed this when Mrs MacDonald read this to everyone. The children in Primary One had all written their own stories and we listened to them. This was good fun. We are learning about stories having a beginning, middle and end.

We have been growing potatoes and carrots in the nursery garden. These were ready to be eaten so we went out to dig them out of the soil. The children had great fun finding the potatoes from the soil and pulling the carrots out.