Ted’s Holiday – Day 3

Today we noticed lots of trees with numbers painted on them.  We got out of the car to investigate and discovered they were cork trees!  The bark is taken off every 10 years  without hurting the trees and is used to make placemats, tiles, bags, shoes, fishing floats as well as corks for bottles and loads of other things!  Of course, Ted wanted to climb the tree!  Mrs G has brought back some of the tree bark so the nursery children can have a look.


DSC_5060 DSC_5063

Ted Goes Sightseeing and Visits a Special Church!

Today Adventure Ted did lots of sightseeing around Prague.  It is a really beautiful city.

He climbed up lots of steps to the top of a tower to see views of the Charles Bridge.  He visited Prague Castle.   Ted visited a church which is dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto!  He has walked so much his paws are very sore!






Ted Goes on a Boat

Today Adventure Ted spent time at the river.  He saw some of the famous bridges, a row of yellow penguins and went on a boat trip down the River Vltava.  The weather was really sunny so he had to borrow a cap!

Ted’s Adventures in Prague!

Today Adventure Ted began further travels, and flew to Prague, which is in the Czech Republic.

He had to get up really early to catch the aeroplane, but it meant that he was able to see some of the city today.  There were some animals in the Old Town Square, and the donkey wanted to be stroked!  Ted got to taste a local food called Trdelnik which is a kind of pastry that is cooked wrapped around a stick!  Later on, he saw a very strange sculpture of a giant head!  Ted is looking forward to tomorrow because he is going on a boat ride!  He hopes the boys and girls at nursery are enjoying their holidays too.


Today the bears went to visit Dawyck Botanic Gardens near Peebles.  There is a café there where they had a lovely lunch and then they had a walk round the gardens.  They saw hundreds and thousands of snowdrops!  It had snowed a little in the Scottish Borders overnight which made it look very beautiful.  The bears are hoping to see some snowdrops in the woods at nursery next week!

DSC_2162 DSC_2207 IMG_0480 (1)

New Term Starting at Nursery – Wednesday 19th August

Adventure Ted is all ready to go back to nursery.  He has missed seeing all the boys and girls.  Nursery resumes for all children on Wednesday 19th August.   Please see below for a reminder of the new times.

Adventure Ted ready to start nursery


Morning Group: Monday Thursday
Arrive 8:32 Doors open at 12:15 for prompt collection and exit by 12.30

Afternoon Group: Monday-Thursday
Arrive 1:15 *Early pickup 3:05-3:15 Doors open at 4:00 for prompt collection and exit by 4:15
*Please advise staff at the start of term if you wish to use this slot
Friday Mornings Arrive 8:30 Doors open at 12:05 for prompt collection and exit by 12.20

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 7

We drove up to a town called Santana today.  There were some very funny houses there that were triangle shaped!  You could go and have a look inside and see how people used to live in them a very long time ago.  We also went to see a valley which is in the middle of the island.  We couldn’t believe how this man had parked his taxi!!!

DSC_0386-001 DSC_0387-001 DSC_0383-001 DSC_0372DSC_0370