Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 6

DSC_0417Porto Moniz

Today’s trip was round to see the top of the island.  We saw some lava pools at Porto Moniz.  It was a lot cooler at the north of the island and quite windy.  I nearly blew off the wall!  We then went to a town called São Vicente to see some caves.  The caves were made when volcanoes erupted and the lava flowed down the tubes!  We found out lots of interesting information about how the island of Madeira was formed when the volcanoes erupted, but I didn’t like the caves much.  I like caves that have stalactites and stalagmites best and these had neither!

Porto Moniz Porto Moniz Sao VicenteSao Vicente

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 5



I had bananas for breakfast today!  We went to a nearby town that was called Calheta and caught a boat from the harbour.  The boat we went on used to be a fishing boat that was used to catch tuna fish!  We had to go a long way out to sea but we were very lucky to see loads of dolphins swimming and jumping out of the water.  The baby dolphins were really funny!

DSC_0767# DSC_0927

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 4

Today we went to the big market in Funchal.  There were lots of different kinds of fruit and vegetables for sale. We bought some passion fruits which I got to taste when we got back to the villa.  I liked the kind of passion fruit we can buy in Scotland best, which is lucky!  There were all sorts of fish for sale at the market too –  I even saw a shark!!! I’m glad Mrs Gaunt didn’t buy that because I don’t think I’d like to eat shark.  I don’t like the look of the octopus either… The long fishes are called scabbard fish.
DSC_0725DSC_0579 DSC_0583 Scabbard fish Shark!!! More fishOctopus

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 2

The part of the island where we are staying is the bit that grows the most bananas.  There were bananas everywhere!  It was really funny to see them because they look like they are growing up-side-down.  You can see the bananas beginning to grow at the top of the purple flowers.  I got to climb in one of the banana trees.

DSC_0760 DSC_0749 DSC_0765DSC_0763

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 1


I was lucky to get to go on the aeroplane with Mrs Gaunt for her holidays.  We were flying for 4 hours to get to Madeira which is a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean.  I was a bit fed up by the time we got there.  The pilot had to have two goes at landing the plane because it was so windy!  It was fun when we got to the villa though, and I got to practise my table tennis skills!



Ted in Lisbon – Last Day!

PeacCheeseFountainToday I had lunch in a cafe. It was bread and cheese made from sheep’s milk!

I saw a massive fountain, and lots of peacocks at a big castle. It has been a busy few days and I have to go home now. I think I need a rest before coming back to nursery!  See you all on Tuesday, when nursery resumes.

The last bear blog for the summer holidays!

I got to go to Deep Sea World. We had to drive over the Forth Road Bridge to get there. I liked the tunnel that made it feel as though I was underwater, but I was a bit scared of the sharks. I was really surprised to see the mermaid swimming around with all the fishes! She must be more used to sharks than me.

Both Adventure Teds have had fun over the summer, but are really looking forward to being back at nursery with all the boys and girls!

Adventure Ted went to the Zoo!

I got to go to the zoo and I had great fun. Mrs Gaunt made a yummy picnic. The wasps wanted to share it though, which wasn’t so great. There was a lot of walking but luckily I got to go in the buggy. The penguins were funny when they went for a walk. My favourite was the koala and I think he might be one of my relatives!

Stowaway Ted – Day 7

I’m a bit sad because this is the last day of my holiday on the big ship. I went to the pool one last time, then watched a man chop a massive lump of ice into the shape of a swan! It was very clever. I wish I could do that. I don’t think I could hold the knife in my paws though… A gull landed on the balcony. I think it wanted to eat my lunch! It was much bigger than me, so I ran away.We sailed back into Harwich which is in England. I then had a sleep when we drove all the way back up to Scotland. It was a loooong way.

Stowaway Ted – Day 1

I managed to sneak into Mrs Gaunt’s suitcase, but despite being discovered I was allowed to board the ship to Norway. It is a really big ship and I am very excited to be on it! I loved the cabin and was delighted to see lots of fruit for me to eat. I loved sitting on the balcony as we sailed out to sea!