Balance Bike Training Starts for the Afternoon Group!

This week saw the first of our balance bike training sessions for the Afternoon Group.  The children (and grown ups) learned how to put a helmet on correctly – it should sit just above the eyebrows and be tight enough not to move if you nod your head forward.  We also learned the names of some of the bike parts.  We then got to have a go on the bikes.  Unfortunately we got a bit wet today!

Please come along and support your child with their training – you can continue what we have learned at home too.  We ideally need 3-4 adults to enable the children to get the most out of the sessions.  The training will not be able to take place if there is no adult help at all.  Thank you to the mums and dads who came along to help this week.


Reading is Braw – we had a Bookbug Pirate Party this Afternoon!

We had a special story time, walked the plank and had some yummy buns today. We were getting our Pirate Bookbug packs, which contain pirate story books, coloured pencils and activity sheets.  Here are some photos of us receiving our packs:



Pirate Bookbug Pack Gifting Party – Thursday 14:30-15:00

It is Bookbug week from 16th-22nd May!  Find out more about Bookbug and the Scottish Booktrust here.

Our Ante-Preschool children will be presented with their Bookbug Pirate Packs on Thursday.  They will walk the plank to receive them!

Parents and carers are welcome to join us for a special story-time and some buns. Your child can come dressed up as a pirate on Thursday if they want to.  We also have lots of pirate outfits at nursery.

The Sun Shone for our Wheel-a-Thon!

We were most fortunate yesterday with the weather for the Wheel-a-Thon.  The children had great fun going around the course on the playground, though it was hard work!  Lots of mums, dads, grandparents and friends came to encourage us.

We are fundraising to buy a set of 5 balance bikes/helmets that will cost in the region of £500. We may also be able to subsidise the nursery end-of-term outing depending on the amount raised.  Please bring any monies in by the end of next week, if possible.

The Morning Group…

The Afternoon Group…






Developing Balancing Skills in Gym

The Afternoon Group had a very busy gym lesson this week!  We are focussing on balancing skills in preparation for our balance bike training which will be starting soon.

After a ‘Funky Monkey’ warm up, we had a go at three different kinds of activities to develop our awareness of balance: balancing beanbags on heads, balancing on a bench and balancing on stepping stones. As always, we finished up with one of our ‘Relax Kids’ relaxation stories.

Please make sure your child has a pair of clean, indoor shoes (named!) at nursery for our gym lessons.  These must not be shoes that have been worn on the way to nursery.  If you could please change your child into their gym shoes on arrival at nursery on a Thursday afternoon, this will save us valuable time at the gym hall.

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Reading is Braw in the Woods!

The Nursery celebrated the launch of the Reading is Braw community project with teddy bears’ picnics in the woods during both the morning and afternoon sessions.  We had some yummy sandwiches and some buns too!  We listened to stories while we were eating our picnic. Mums, dads, grannies, friends, aunties and cousins came along as well!

It is time to begin completing our nursery reading record on the display board in the cloakroom.   Each child has a card with their name on it on the display.   Each time you read a new book with your child, please fill in one of the slips and blu-tak it to your child’s card.  Old slips go in the basket as we are going to create a mega-display with all the books you have read!  You could add a smiley face or sad face depending on whether your child liked the book or not.  You can take a few of the slips to write at home if this is easier.

Please try to read at least one new book each week with your child.  We have had some lovely new books donated to our lending library, or you can visit your local library for an even greater selection.  If you have borrowed a book from the lending library, you could write a review to help others know which books are best!  There are some book review sheets hanging above the library.

Parents/carers are welcome to use the slips to record what they are reading too.  We will display these in a separate space.

Chinese New Year

This has been a very busy week so far!  We have been learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year.  We made our own dragons and performed a dragon dance.  We played musical instruments to accompany the dance.  We listened to stories about how the years got their names, and about the monster that was frightened away by lots of loud noises.  We also helped to make a stir fry which was served with prawn crackers for a special treat.  We tried to eat with chopsticks but that was a little bit tricky as you may see from the photographs!  There will be some QR codes in your child’s learning story after the February break if they chose to take part in our dragon dance.  Please have a look!





Thank you all so much for your support.  The children have had great fun making glittery hearts, cards and baking.  They were very excited to take turns to be shopkeepers.  By popular request there will be some more home baking on sale next Thursday as well.  The purpose of the shop was primarily to develop an awareness of how money is used, but it has also proven a very successful fundraiser.  So far we have raised a little over £90!  We are hoping to buy a set of balance bikes and helmets later in the year, and this will set our fundraising off to a great start!  (More information about the balance bikes will follow soon.)  Here are loads of photos:

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can…

We have been reading the story of the Gingerbread Man.  The Morning Group made some gingerbread men for everyone.  We have been retelling the story using our puppets.  Some of us put on puppet shows for the class.  Have a look in your child’s learning story to see if there is a QR code to link to video of your child’s show.  Here are a few photos of some of the shows!