Nursery Fundraiser for Balance Bikes and End of Term Trip

We shall hold our annual Wheel-a-Thon on Tuesday 10th May at 11:30-12:00 for the Morning Group, and 14:30-15:00 for the Afternoon Group.

Please bring a non-motorized trike, bike or scooter to nursery for your child on Tuesday 10th May.  Please park them on the nursery playground.   Also bring a helmet for your child.  If you cannot manage this we have some nursery trikes, scooters and helmets that your child can borrow (not the balance bikes).   Hopefully the weather will be kind to us as we shall be riding around the school playground!  Parents and carers are welcome to come and watch.  We shall be getting lots of exercise as well as raising money.

We are raising funds to buy a set of our own balance bikes/helmets so children can continue to develop their skills, and also to put towards our end of term trip, reducing the cost to parents/carers.  We shall be consulting with parents shortly about where we will go this year.

Sponsor forms are in your pigeonholes!

Story Sack Scheme – Grand Relaunch!

Reading is Braw!  And to help us enjoy reading even more, our nursery Story Sack Scheme is now reopened after a complete overhaul.  There are some of the old favourites but lots of new ones have been added.  The sacks contain books on a similar theme and some have a toy or puppet to help you act out parts of the stories.

The sacks are hung on pegs in the Parents’ Room.  Please remember to sign out the sacks when you borrow them on the label above the peg.  Only take out one story sack at a time and don’t keep it for longer than a week.  Please look after the contents and sacks – we may ask for a contribution to cover the cost of missing or damaged items.  Returned sacks go into the basket in the cloakroom for checking.

Please complete an evaluation form to tell us what you think of each sack.  You could also do a book review!


Balance Bike Training on Offer for All Children… Please Come and Support Your Child to Learn New Skills!

Mrs Gaunt attended a ‘Play on Pedals’ training day in January.  ‘Play on Pedals’ is a structured cycling programme based on balance bikes.  It feeds into the ‘Bikeability‘ cycle training scheme (formerly known as Cycle Proficiency Training) and gives children opportunity to:

  • learn about the importance of wearing a helmet and hi-vis clothing
  • learn the names of bike parts
  • learn how to mount and dismount correctly
  • learn how to gain balance
  • learn how to control a bike
  • develop their gross motor skills
  • get some great exercise
  • develop a life-long skill
  • have fun!

As a result of the ‘Play on Pedals’ training, our children will all have the chance to learn to ride a balance bike.  We have just taken delivery of a set of balance bikes on loan from East Lothian Council.  Next term we plan to fund-raise to buy a set of five of our own bikes which will allow for all future children attending nursery to have this opportunity (although we are off to a good start and have already raised enough for one bike and one helmet from our Valentine Shop!)  Once we have our own set of bikes and the children have completed their training they will be able to access these on a regular basis to continue to develop their skills.  Click here to see the kind of bikes we shall be using.

The programme will run for 6 weeks and children will be instructed in groups of 5 for 30 minutes on the school playground just outside the nursery.  Each child will be allocated the same time slot for the duration of the programme. We are inviting all parents/carers to join in with this exciting part of the children’s learning and sessions will be available on different days and times.

Please choose the time slot which best suits to come along to support and encourage your child if you are able to manage this.  If you have a bike of your own and could bring this along, it would be fantastic.  We need at least one adult per session to join us on the playground or the sessions cannot run –  the more adults to help the better. If you are able to join us for extra sessions that your child is not part of please let us know. If any parent, grandparent, etc. could also spare half an hour at another session to stay, play and support the children within the nursery this would be most helpful.  In addition if anyone is able to help with basic bike maintenance (tyre pumping etc) this would also be most appreciated.

There will be sign up sheets available in nursery from Monday so please choose a time convenient for you quickly!  The training sessions for the Morning Group will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from week commencing 18/04/16 until 23/05/16.  For the Afternoon Group the sessions will run from Mondays to Thursdays from week commencing 23/05/16 to 27/06/16. (First week’s programme will commence on Tuesday 24th May due to the school closure for the in-service day).  Please also sign up if you are able to support at other sessions.

We are also going to set up a ‘bike-cycle’ board in nursery. If your child has any bike they have grown out of and you no longer have use for, please pop details on our Parent Zone board. You can name a selling price, suggest a donation for nursery funds, or just for free as you see fit. This can extend to adult bikes too!

Thanks in advance for your support in this matter.  As always, your thoughts, comments and feedback would be gratefully received.  Please note them down and pop them in the wee basket in the cloakroom area near the register.  If you want any more information about this exciting new initiative please speak to staff.

PS – If your child already has a bike at home and you want them to practise their new skills on a balance bike, please don’t feel the need to buy a new bike.  Just get a spanner and remove the stabilizers and pedals!!! Simples!  If you need help with this please ask.

Parents’ Consultations, Learning Stories and Next Steps from Home

Parents’ Consultations – Monday 21st March 6-8pm  and Tuesday 22nd March 4-6pm

This year we would like to trial a different approach to our nursery parent consultations. We will not operate set times but offer you the opportunity to drop in and meet staff and chat about the next steps.  Although all staff work with all children your child has a key worker who takes responsibility for overseeing your child’s progress.  Parents are invited to browse the nursery and chat with your child’s key worker.  Whilst we will not operate an appointment system please be aware that in reality we can only spend a maximum of 10 minutes ( as in the school system) on a 1:1 basis.  Staff will be able to update you on recent learning and should there be any concerns we can make a further individual appointment.

We will review this arrangement for next time with your help and feedback.

Learning Stories are at home this weekend.  Please take time to look at your child’s learning story for achievements and next steps for your child (in the assessment section).  There is a sheet for comments at the front of the Learning Story and this can be filled in by anyone your child shares their Learning Story with.  Please return the Learning Stories on Monday in the bag provided.

We would also like to give parents the opportunity to be involved in identifying next steps for your child. Your child does not only learn in nursery and the holistic view of your child’s well-being is very important to us.
You may like to suggest a next step that we in nursery can help with and that you are encouraging at home.  For example:

  • Put on my own coat or shoes or… ( achieving)
  • Wash my hands after the toilet ( healthy)
  • Use cutlery to eat my food (responsible)
  • Be able to tell my own full name and address ( safe)
  • Cross the road safely at a crossing with and adult ( safe)

A sheet for your suggestions was printed on the reverse of the letter you received detailing the arrangements for Parents’ Consultations.  If you have misplaced this slip you can download a copy here to print out.

Loretto Parent Partnership

Lots of information about the Loretto Parent Partnership can be found on our Facebook page.  This is a closed group so only parents/carers with children at the nursery/school will be accepted to join the group.  Check out the page and send in a request to join to be kept up to date with news and events!

The current nursery LPP representatives are Sandra Gray (also the Chairperson!) for the Morning Group and Amber Stewart for the Afternoon Group.  Please speak to them if you have any questions or things to discuss.  If you don’t know who they are, just ask a member of staff and they will point you in the right direction!

Many thanks ?

World Book Day

The nursery children enjoyed dressing up to celebrate World Book Day.

Today we also learned that the winning book from the Scottish Book Awards for children aged 3-7 was ‘Mouse’s First Night at Moonlight School’ by Simon Puttock.  This book got most votes from our nursery children too!

Here are some photos of us dressed up as characters from books.






Reading is Braw events next week – Tuesday and Thursday

Everyone (parents, carers, grandparents, wee sisters and brothers etc) is welcome to join us for the Teddy Bears’ Picnic on Tuesday 1st March from 11:00-11:30 or 14:30-15:00 in the school woods.  There will be sandwiches and buns for all!  Please can each child bring a teddy bear.

If anyone has any waterproof ground sheets or picnic blankets they don’t mind getting muddy can you please bring them along to make life a little more comfortable.  Warm clothing and wellies (and possibly waterproofs and big umbrellas) will be the dress code!  We shall be reading stories in the woods!

It is World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March and we are inviting children to come to nursery dressed up as a character from a book.  Please can children bring along a favourite book too.  It doesn’t matter if they are not dressed up as a character from that book.  (Some dressing up outfits are also available at nursery if you don’t manage to organise anything.)

We are very excited about the new community reading project, Reading is Braw, and will explain to you all about the display board in the cloakroom on Tuesday!

If anyone has spare books at home that would be suitable for our nursery lending library (in any home language) they would be gratefully received.   We are hoping the library is going to used even more once the project begins!

Thank you!

Reading is Braw Launch – 1st March 2016 (Teddy Bears’ Picnic)

reading is braw logo

A reading initiative for Wallyford, Whitecraig and Musselburgh.

The launch of this exciting new initiative takes place on Tuesday 1st March at 11:00.  To celebrate the launch, the nursery will be holding a Teddy Bears’ Picnic in the school woods.  Please join us between 11:00-11:30 (Morning Group) or 14:30-15:00 (Afternoon Group) for sandwiches, buns, and stories about the outdoors!  All welcome.

Please can your child bring a teddy bear to nursery this day to help make our picnic a great success.

Further information about ‘Reading is Braw’ is available on FacebookTwitter and Edubuzz.