Nursery Wheel-a-Thon

The Wheel-a-Thon will be held next Wednesday 20th May. Each child is encouraged to bring their scooter or bike (non-motorised) to nursery. On this day all scooters and bikes must be left in the nursery playground. The morning group will begin their Wheel-a-Thon at 11:10am and the afternoon group at 14:30pm. If you are able to help at your child’s Wheel-a-Thon, please let a member of the nursery team know.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Hill, Mrs Gaunt, Miss Pandit and Mrs Park

P2K visit the nursery to make Mud Pies!

Last Friday primary 2K visited the nursery. Primary 2 have been reading an information book called ‘Glorious Mud’. One of the chapters in the book is instructions for making a mud pie. The primary 2 children followed the instructions and helped the nursery children make mud pies in the nursery mud kitchen. Have a look below.


Live Music Now visit Loretto nursery

We were delighted to welcome ‘Live Music Now’ to Loretto nursery on Tuesday. Rua and Suzanne worked with the children developing the children’s early understanding of musical concepts. The children loved listening to the violin, flute and ukulele as they moved expressively to the music. Please look at the photos below.


Welcome Back

We hope everyone has had a restful break and are looking forward to a busy term ahead. There will be lots of exciting things happening but one of the most important is the final transition for the children who will be moving onto to Primary 1. Very exciting!!

As part of this transition we would like the children, who are moving onto primary 1, to change their own shoes for gym every Tuesday. To help your child with this can all parents/carers please ensure all children have indoor shoes that can be left in a drawstring bag on their peg. We shall support the children in taking their bag over to the gym hall where they will change their shoes in the hall, as they will in Primary 1. It is important your child has shoes that they can put on themselves, laces can be tricky!

Thank you for your continued support.

On Our Way Home!

After a very busy few days both bears are back on the boat coming home.  They look forward to seeing all the boys and girls at nursery again on Monday 20th April.

Flowers in Holland!

Today we went to visit a massive flower garden at Keukenhof in Holland.  Adventure Ted was very excited to see lots of trees in blossom because he heard us talking about this at nursery and was pleased to see the beautiful flowers on the trees for himself.  We saw lots of tulips growing in a field too.  The flower shop over the road from nursery often has a big lorry outside that has come from Holland.  We wondered if some of the flowers might even come from this field!

From Belgium toThe Netherlands!

One bear got to stay up late last night and see Bruges all lit up.  It really does look like a fairytale!  Today we travelled to Holland, which is also called The Netherlands.  Ted got some Dutch apple pie for lunch.  He got to sit in a big clog too.  People in The Netherlands used to wear wooden shoes a long, long time ago.  Then we went to see some windmills at a place called Kinderdijk.  There were loads of them – we counted 18!

Bear in Bruges!

We drove to Bruges and it was a bit funny because the cars all drive on the other side of the road from what we are used to!  Breakfast was a Belgian traditional waffle with cream and cherries!  We went on a boat on the canal which was good fun.  The buildings are very pretty in Bruges.

Adventure Teds’ Easter Holidays!

Adventure Teds have left the country and are on their way to Zeebrugge which is a port in Belgium!  The ferry had to squeeze through a very narrow sea-lock to reach the open water!  It will take all night for the ferry to cross the sea.