Our learning about China

We have been very busy this term learning all about China. The children helped to make egg fried rice and enjoyed using chopsticks at snack. It was quite tricky! We have tasted many traditional Chinese foods at snack, such as noodles and prawn crackers. We created our own dragon and danced the ‘Dragon Dance’ in the gym hall. We have also been busy painting blossom and collaging China flags. Have a look at the photos below and our display in the nursery.

Ni Hao!!

Learning at nursery

As you are all aware, we always begin every session with our together time. This is an important part of the nursery day where we have a focus on specific learning outcomes with the children. We shall now be introducing phonics with the preschool children and will be continuing to develop number with all children. Can we remind parents that we start our together time at 8:50 (morning group) and 1pm (afternoon group) It is important for your child’s learning that they are at nursery and settled before we gather for together time.

In addition can we also remind parents to always use the nursery entrance when dropping off and collecting. This is in line with our health and safety policy for fire safety and child protection. The office staff are very busy and using the school entrance disturbs their work. The school entrance should only be used if you need to collect your child early.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

World Book Day

We all had great fun dressing up as characters from different story books today.  We had lots and lots of stories at different times of the day, and drew pictures of our favourite stories to add to our whole school bookworm.  Primary 2 came to see our costumes and joined us for a story!  Here are some photos of us today!

DSCN7197 DSCN7188 DSCN7196 DSCN7187 DSCN7190 DSCN7189 DSCN7163 DSCN7181 DSCN7176 DSCN7151 DSCN7159 DSCN7145 A Wicked Witch! DSCN7148 DSCN7143 DSCN7141 DSCN7127 DSCN7140 DSCN7130

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We thought about some rules for using our woodwork bench today!

We used our woodwork bench for the first time today to try and work out some rules to keep us safe.  The children who used the equipment were all very careful and had some fantastic suggestions about rules.  The rules we came up with together were as follows:

  • You have to wear goggles and glasses, gloves and eye masks
  • Only two people at the workbench
  • Need a grown up to watch and help
  • Watch what you are doing
  • Keep in your own space
  • Take turns
  • Be safe
  • Be careful
  • Use it or put it down
  • Keep the tools at the toolbench – don’t take them anywhere else on the playground
  • Keep the bench tidy
  • Put tools away in cupboard after nursery so wee brothers and sisters don’t play with them
  • Tools not toys
  • Stand back so you don’t get hurt (don’t stand nearby if you are not actually using the workbench)
  • No running under the shelter ‘cos you might bash.
  • Put tools away before you take off your goggles and gloves to protect your hands and eyes

We are very excited to be able to offer woodworking as part of our nursery provision.  However, this activity does needs an adult to closely supervise.  We have had a couple of volunteers to help regularly for the Morning Group.  Are any Afternoon Group parents/grandparents able to spare an hour or so on a Wednesday afternoon to help us?

World Book Day Thursday 5th March

Next Thursday is World Book Day and the School Pupil Council would like to enjoy and promote reading on this day. Everyone is invited to come to school and nursery dressed as a character from a book and it would be great if each child could tell us about their character and book. We also aim to create a whole school bookworm!

In addition we shall be focussing on stories written by Julia Donaldson. Towards the end of the week we will vote for our favourite story. This is a good opportunity for parents to also focus on bedtime reading and to talk together with your child about characters and types of stories.

Happy reading!

Woodwork at Nursery – Can You Help?

We plan to include woodwork as one of our regular outdoor activities on offer to the children.  We have our busy bench under the shelter and a set of child-sized tools, safety goggles and gloves.  Children will only be allowed to use the woodworking tools if they are wearing the appropriate safety equipment.  Children will be involved in creating their own risk assessment of the activity (in addition to the official one!)

It would be great to have an extra pair of hands to help us support this activity.  Initially we plan to offer woodwork during our Wednesday sessions (Mondays and Thursdays are ‘Mud Days’!).  If you feel you could spare an hour or two on a regular basis this would be great.  Please speak to a member of staff and we will give you a little more information about what would be involved.  If we have lots of volunteers we could set up a rota.

We would welcome any offcuts of untreated wood, sandpaper, short nails or screws that are left over from any DIY projects.

Parents/Carers are always welcome to ‘Stay and Play’ during any session.  Please sign up on the calendar in the cloakroom.


Adventure Teds and the Kittens!

Both bears have had a quiet week watching the kittens play.  Unfortunately the kittens were a bit scared of the bears, as the bears are so much bigger than them!

The bears are looking forward to coming back to nursery and seeing all the boys and girls from both groups again this Monday (23rd Feb).

DSCN2949 DSCN2956 DSCN2957

Cultural Celebration morning this Friday

We would just like to remind everyone that the school are hosting a ‘Cultural Celebration’ morning this Friday. Each class will have a time slot for visiting the Global Citizenship exhibitions. The afternoon group will be going with Nursery. Parents/carers are welcome to bring the morning group children at any time between 9:30 and 11:45. Please note that tea and coffee will be served in the dining hall.
Timetable for visiting the Global Citizenship Day stalls
Time Slot
P1 and P2K
P2M and P3
P3/4 and P4/5
Nursery (Afternoon Group)
We hope that many of you can make it along to share the wonderful learning about our cultural heritage.
Thank you for your continued support,

Book Vote in the Nursery

DSCN2518 DSCN2522

This week the nursery children took part in the Scottish Book Awards. Throughout this term we have been reading the short listed stories, ‘Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten’, ‘Robot Rumpus’ and ‘Lost for Words’. After lots of reading and chatting about the stories, the children in the nursery voted for their favourite.

The winning story at Loretto nursery was….

Robot Rumpus

Well done and thank you to all the children, who all thought carefully about what book was their favourite.

We look forward to finding out the winning story after all the votes across Scotland are counted. We expect to hear the result in early March.


Zoolab came to visit our Nursery

This morning Gillian from Zoolab came to visit the Morning Group.  She told us the story of the Zagaroo, starring Herman the hermit crab.  She brought along Gary, the Giant African Land Snail, Talulah the Tarantula and other beasts.  One of the things we learned today was that snails are born with their shells, but hermit crabs have to go and find their own one.

Gillian returned to visit the Afternoon Group with her beasts and told us the Zagaroo story.  Barry the Cockroach was even touched by Mrs Ross!  Cockroaches make a hissing sound to pretend to be a snake so bigger animals don’t eat them!  We got to touch the snake too.