Developing Your Child’s Thinking Skills

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) have identified essential skills for children’s success, including the importance of thinking skills.  It is important to develop children’s thinking skills, and not just their ability to remember.  Each term we focus on a particular Traditional Tale, allowing us to build on children’s thinking skills.  There are leaflets near the register with examples of questions you can use, or you can access them online here.

Here is some information about what is meant by  the different kinds of thinking skills:
Remembering is the ability to identify, recognise and recall facts, events and sequences.
Understanding is the ability to demonstrate the meaning of items of information, to explain the order of events in a sequence, and to interpret in a different setting or context.
Applying is the ability to use existing information to solve a problem in a different context, and to plan, organise and complete a task.
Analysing and evaluating
This covers the ability to identify and weigh-up the features of a situation or issue and to use your judgement of them in coming to a conclusion. It includes reviewing and considering any potential solutions.
Creating is the ability to design something innovative or to further develop an existing thing by adding new dimensions or approaches It also includes the ability to make, write, say or do something new.

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