Learning Stories

Parents and carers are the biggest influence on their child’s development, particularly in the early years. Staff and parents sharing information is key to the best possible start for children.

At Loretto Nursery each child has their own Learning Story which illustrates their individual learning journey over time. As well as being a record of your child’s experiences at nursery, the Learning Story is a way of sharing your child’s progress with you, and contains pages which track their achievements across the curriculum.

Parents may stay a little longer in the nursery at the beginning of a session in order to spend some time with their child looking at and discussing their Learning Story or our Big Book, which the whole class works on collaboratively. There may not be new additions to the Learning Story each week, but you can add information, photos or drawings about interests, achievements or the regular day to day learning your child is doing at home.
Please take this opportunity as and when you wish. The children really appreciate your interest in what they have been doing in nursery. Learning Stories go home during the year, so you can share them with your family and spend longer looking at them.

The Learning Stories are also used to aid transition to Primary 1, and are sent home for you to keep during the first term of school.

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