Read, Write, Count – Offers parents tips, ideas and activities that will help get children off to a great start in life.

The Maths Pyramid for Babies and Young Children – A diagram showing the Maths Pyramid, with explanations what each level means, along with implications.

There are various levels in the Maths Pyramid:  Movement, Problem Solving, Spatial Understanding, Language, Counting and Number.

  • Starting at the bottom, each type of activity gives rise to and sustains, not only the next one, but all the others above.
  • Activities at the bottom level begin in babyhood and the activities above are added one by one. The top of the pyramid (number) emerges at around four or five years of age in most children.
  • The broader the base of the pyramid, the sturdier the activity at the top of the pyramid will be.

Have Sum Fun – a leaflet to download giving lots of examples of games you can play with your children to help them develop an interest and love of numbers.



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