What to Wear

Nursery sweatshirts and white polo shirts are available to buy online from Image Scotland.

Nursery hoodies, sweatshirts and polo shirts (in white and red) are available to buy online from EESL.

Some second-hand uniform is sometimes also available to buy in nursery.

We visit the gym hall on Tuesdays for the morning group and Thursday for the afternoon group.  Children need a clean pair of indoor (gym) shoes for PE and clothes they can move about freely in.  Jogging bottoms or leggings are ideal.

Warning – the nursery is fun, but MESSY! We do our best to see that children wear pinnies at water, clay, painting, and glueing areas, but they can still get messy. Your child is encouraged to be as independent as possible in the Nursery. Tricky clothes, such as dungarees, belts and tight jeans, make going to the toilet much harder. Accidents do happen, but easy clothing (such as trousers with elastic waists) helps prevent some of them.

We are frequently running, jumping and climbing outdoors, so please ensure your child is wearing practical footwear. Trainers are ideal. Please can shoes slip on or have Velcro straps rather than laces.  This helps children to be able to get their waterproofs and wellies on easily for outdoor activities such as ‘big water play’ and our fantastic ‘mud kitchen.’  Children should also always bring an extra layer to wear, such as a coat in winter, or cardigans/jumpers when the weather is warmer. It can get very chilly and breezy on our playground even on sunny days.

We use our outdoor area in all weathers. Please dress children according to the weather. On sunny days, children will need sunhats and sunscreen, as well as a cardigan or jumper. On wet days if they can bring a raincoat and wellies they will be well equipped to play outdoors. If children do have a spare pair of wellies and a raincoat, these could be left in the gym bag.
PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN ALL CLOTHING, BAGS, AND SHOES ETC. There is a lost property box in the cloakroom, but named items are easier to return to their owners!

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