Mary, Queen of Scots

We have been doing a lot of work on our history topic, Mary, Queen of Scots! Some of the work that we have done recently includes designing tudor dresses, and a castle that we will turn into 3D and we are in the middle of writing a news report on ‘The Death of Darnley’.

As a class we have decided that we would like to go to Edinburgh Castle, walk down the Royal Mile then have our lunch in Holyrood Park. After our lunch we are going to try and organise it so that we can go to Holyrood Palace to see where Mary stayed when she was at the Palace. We will take photos and post them onto our page once we have been. We already have some ideas about what we could do once we have been: write a letter to thank the tour guides, report writing to let everyone know what we did and saw, draw Edinburgh Castle from a photo that we have taken, create a family portrait room, we could pretend to be Mary or Elizabeth when letter writing…We will keep you updated on our progress!