Hearing Dogs for the Deaf Funday!

sean serving kaylah\'s mumscooby\'s working harddogs selling cakes\The Baking stall was very busy all day!P6 Christmas Charity
What a fantastic day everyone had! All of us in P6 worked really hard to make our enterprise project as successful as possible and boy was it successful – so many people turned up to support us and our charity. We would like to thank everyone that donated their things, baked for us and came along to spend their money.
After a hard day at work buying and selling in P6 classroom we were all very tired. Miss Gilhooly said that she would take the money home to count and that we could all count it in the morning to double check what we had made – we all split up into groups and then together added all the money. We made an amazing £503.73! We are so delighted that all our hard work had paid off – it is great to know that with this money dogs will be trained to help deaf people.

Thanks again to everyone that participated in one way or another, we had a fantastic day and we hope you did too.

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  1. Well done primary 6 that is an outstanding sum of money.6 Im sure you are very pleased with yourselves

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