Go For Green

On Thursday 15th January p2/3 did their class assembly in the gym hall. (Rachel)

Everyone in the school came to see our assembly. (Santana)

The assembly was all about recycling. (Thomas)

I did a drama about reducing, reusing and recycling. (Sean)

I talked about making junk into toys and models. (Ceri Ann)

I played the part of a recycling expert and I held up a sign. (Liam)

We sang songs and my favourite was Build Up. (Paulina)

I was nervous but felt good at the same time. (Jessica)

I felt super. (Callum)

I felt fantabulous! (Nathan C)


2 thoughts on “Go For Green

  1. They all done very well and I learned a lot from their performence
    Well done to all of you !

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