P6 Cluster Hockey Festival

We\'re ready to play some Hockey!I loved blowing that horn!Where is my team?On Tuesday the 24th of March P6 classes from some schools in Musselburgh took part in a Hockey Festival which took place at Pinkie playing fields. We were split up into 6 teams of 4 people, they were called Cheetahs, Pumas, Panthers, Dolphins, Gazelles and the Lumas.

There were students from Telford College there to help referee the games. One of our P6 pupils were injured so they got given a job – he was the time keeper of all the matches. He had to blow the air horn to start and end the games.

The festival started at 10 am and finished at 12 noon. It was a cold day but we were all warm because we were playing Hockey the whole time and we were filled with excitement.

“I thought it was a really good day out and very successful” – Jamie

“I thought it was really enjoyable and I recommend it to P5” – Beth

“It was fun to do something with other schools in Musselburgh” – Amy

“When the Dolphins were a player down a player from Stoneyhill came to join our team to help out! I was very thankful and  made him feel very welcome by giving him some support” – Fraser