From 9th to 13th of March, Primary 7 went to school camp at Lagganlia.  We met lots of other children who will be going up to St. David’s with us next year and took part in loads of fantastic and challenging activities which included: orienteering, archery, snowboarding, mountain biking, tree climbing, mountain walking, rock climbing, abseiling, gorge walking and skiing.


We also had evening activities.  On Monday evening, we did a nightlines activity when we were blindfolded and led through the trees and over nets.  On Tuesday we had night time orienteering where we had to finds letters of the alphabet and then make names of animals with our letters and Wednesday we had a treasure hunt which proved tricky but fun.  Finally, on Thursday it was the best – we finished with a disco.  The music wasn’t that great but, we all danced and we had a good laugh.

By Amy and Chloe P

We all enjoyed ourselves very much during the week.  Here are some of our achievements, most memorable moments and funniest memories:

“My greatest achievement was climbing the wall and nearly getting to the top and getting support from a boy from another school” – Rebecca

“My greatest achievement was skiing on a dry slope!” – Holly

“My greastest achievement was rock climbing” – Shannon M

“My greatest achievement was completing the ropes course and climbing the mountain.” – Brodi-lee

“My most memorable moment was learning to snowboard backwards!” – Daniel

“My funniest moment was skiing into the water – funny or what?!” – Marie

“My funniest moment was when Mrs Capaldi fell up the gorge.” – Talia