Edinburgh Zoo

On Thursday 2nd of April 2009, Primary 7 went to Edinburgh Zoo. We were learning about the cycle of life with Primary 6 class. In the morning, Primary 6 and 7s got to go round the zoo in two different groups.

We saw the lemurs – they were so cute. We saw a type of deer and it was adorable but my favourite part was the budongo trail, it showed a lot of cheeky monkeys swinging around. Also there were monkey smells and we smelt them then it told us what it was. It was great seeing them.


After lunch, our instructor Ruth collected us and we set off to see some animals. First we saw the penguins, it was the season for them to nest and lay their eggs. Afterwards we saw the Indian Rhinos, there were two – they were both boys. They had a big creak in their enclosure, they liked to sunbathe. Then we went to see the gibbons, the mother is called Lucy she is an orange colour and the dad is black and called John. We went into the monkey house to see some monkeys we saw the cutest baby monkey.

After we went back to the education centre and they showed us a video about the cycle of life. It was a great experience all together and the funniest bit had to be the bird landing on Abbie’s head, it was funny!

By Shannon F, Shannon M and Abbie.

The most intresing facts we discovered are:

‘The gibbons sing to  each other’ – Samantha and Marnie.

‘Learning about male and female Rhinos’ – Shannon F

‘Watching penguins steal stones for thier own nest’ – Amy

‘The baby elephant grows in its mum for 2 years’ – Gavin, Holly, Daniel, Ivanna and Christie

‘The female gibbons change colour as they grow older’ – Bianka

‘How penguins greet one another’ – Ryan A

‘You can get albino penguins’ – Taila

‘The Indian Rhino is in danger’ – Abbie