John Muir Birthplace Visit

On Thursday 30th April, Primary 5 travelled to Dunbar to visit John Muir’s birthplace.  They had a fantastic time exploring the museum and finding out many new facts about John Muir’s fascinating life.

Did you know?

John Muir once went camping at Yosemite with President Roosevelt.

John Muir walked 1000 miles across America from Kentucky to the Bay of Mexico.

John Muir invented many things including a ‘loafer’s chair’ which fired a gun shot if anyone got too comfortable loafing!

3 thoughts on “John Muir Birthplace Visit

  1. hiya p7 how u likeing p7
    i liked it last year but st.davids getting up to early :\
    enjoy the rest of primary

  2. It wasjreally fun.We got to learn interesting stuff about him we didnt know.

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