Primary 5 Litter Project

Before the Easter holidays P5 took part in a mini project about litter.  They split into groups and were asked to research one aspect of litter and create a presentation about it.  The results were fantastic!  The class created models (including a zoo and a forest), powerpoint presentations, poems, stories, gameshows, banners and much more!  The class learned about recycling, the effects of litter on animals, how to help the litter problem and what types of litter are found on beaches and in forests.

Primary 5 also spent time picking up litter from the playground and found over 250 pieces of litter, including plastic, sweetie wrappers, drinks cans and even a fork and spoon!  The class recorded the amount and the types of litter found and displayed them in colourful graphs!  The class have also been using ICT to design posters to stop people dropping litter in and around the school!


2 thoughts on “Primary 5 Litter Project

  1. I really enjoyed it, my group came up with a gameshow called eco extreme and we asked lots of questions to the audience

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