Paulina’s communion day

On Sunday the 23rd of May  I was rushing because I woke up late. I was happy because it was my Holy Communion day. Quickly I said. I got dressed in my Holy Communion dress and my white shoes.

I felt really happy.

I was a bit embarrassed because I came into the church instead of the church hall.  Then Rachel’s  mum showed me the way. I  looked amazed at how people looked and how my friends looked


Then the altar servers  came to get us. Then we to the  church. Me Rachel and the two Nathans did the actions for Father we love you and cannon did the reading. Then Christian and Sean did the main reading.Me  Liam Rachel and Jessica sang My shepherd is the lord. Afterwards the children did the prayers.


Then the altar servers came and brought us to the room where they get changed  because we had to get our pictures done. I felt famous



Then we had our breakfast and first we had to have a roll then  we could have a cake. Afterwards Rachel’s mum took pictures of us. Then one of the ladies took me and Wojtek to give presents to Mrs Graham and cannon. I felt great.