This is it! There has been 18 world cups so far.Now it is time for the 19th world cup.Yes folks,the fifa world cup is in 2010 South Africa! Switch on your TV on  June 11th for the first game South Africa vs Mexico.

Participating teams I will support are South Africa and England.But there are 32 different teams all competing for the world cup.

The world cup takes place in South Africa.The mascot is called Zakumi.Za stands for South Africa and kumi stands for 10.

There are 10 different stadiums.They are Cape Town,Durban,Johannesburg,Mangaung,Nelson Mandela Bay,Nelspruit,Rustenburg,Polokwane and Tshwane.The final will be played in Johannesburg Soccer City.

The Trophy is made of solid gold.Whoever wins the final gets the world cup.There must be lots of celebration when you win.That’s all about the world cup.

By Thomas P4