P1/2 visit Musselburgh Police Station

On Friday the 1st of October P1/2 had a special visit to Musselburgh Police Station linked to our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic. We had a fantastic morning investigating the old cells, looking at the photograph and testing rooms and we even had our finger prints taken like real criminals. PC Smith was really funny but he told us lots of important information about his job. He sometimes has to put people in handcuffs and even has to visit them in court if they have been really naughty. He also has nicer jobs like visiting schools to help children learn about staying safe. The cells in the police station are not used anymore but we were allowed to have a look around. They were really cold and had little beds which looked really uncomfortable. We thought is was funny that police officers use to have to flush the toilets of the cells as they didn’t have flushes inside. We would like to say thank you to PC Smith and to the mum’s who came on the trip with us. Thank you 🙂