As we’ve been on Easter holidays we will give you some news from our holidays this week.

Beth went to Leith Water World during her holidays.  At Water World there is a big swimming pool, a jacuzzi and lots of water slides.  Beth went with her Mum and her big sister, Amy and made some friends while she was there having fun!  Beth also went for a very long cycle – she cycled all the way from Musselburgh to Bath St in Portobello and back…phew!!

Jason went to Musselburgh Races twice while he was on holiday.  There was a trampoline there and also bumper cars as it was a family day.  Jason enjoyed watching the horses race and he also seen some close up, they were very big.   He also went to Dalkeith Country Park for a picnic and to play in the Adventure playground.

On Easter Sunday Beth & Jason rolled their easter eggs.  They both got lots of chocolate eggs but haven’t eaten them all yet!

By Beth & Jason