The Honest Lad and Lass Visit

On Thursday 23rd June this year’s honest lad and lass, Scott Nisbet and Julie Durham, came to visit Loretto.  The children from primary three had prepared an assembly all about Musselburgh and Fisherrow which they performed to the honest lad and lass, their attendants, parents, and the rest of the school.

Our very own ‘honest lad and lass’ were Cameron and Danielle! 

1 thought on “The Honest Lad and Lass Visit

  1. What a wonderul Assembly Primary 3 put on. Well done to Cameron and Danielle our very own Honest Lad and Lass who carried out their parts very honourably. Well done to everyone who took part and well done to Mrs Capaldi for putting together such a wonderul show. Once again I was delighted to be able to be part of Lorettto’s celebrations for the Honest Lad and Lass. Thank you.

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