P1/2 s Fairy Land

P1/2 have been busy making their own Fariy Landl in our Classroom. We have had a visit from a special dragon called Friendly Dragon. We have written letters for him to say thank you.

We are making our own Fairy Land because Friendly Dragon has lost his home because it disappeared.

So far we have made ‘Jack’ (Roberto is the outline) and the Beanstalk and we have made our own magical porridge pots.

We are going to make a castle for the Friendly Dragon so he can protect it.

We’ll write again soon
Hannah L, Michael, Mckenzie L, Chiara, Frankie & P1/2

2 thoughts on “P1/2 s Fairy Land

  1. Wow, that sounds a really exciting topic! Well done – I’m sure the dragon will appreciate your hard work and your writing is great!

    (Hannah L’s mum)

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