Earth and Space and The Chinese New Year

Our new topic is Earth and Space. We have learned that the planets have not got any gravity. We have also been learning about what makes up the Earth. There is the core in the middle, then there is the outer core, then the mantle and then the crust. The core in the middle is very, very hot. Chinese New Year is something else that we are learning about in class. We have written a story about The Dragon’s Tail and we are going to dress up like one big dragon. Someone will be the head, then some other people will be the body and one other person will be the tail. We can’t wait! by Emma McNeish, Cait McCullough and Meagan Porteous Primary 3.

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  1. Cait told me that she had written for the website. When she got home she found the website all by herself and found the comments. She was very pleased and really enjoyed it.

    Lorraine McCullough

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