Shape work

This week in Primary 1/2. We have been learning about symmetry in maths. We had shapes so we could draw around it and then cut out. Then we folded it to see if there was any symmetry.Then we stuck it on a bit of paper.Then we put the name of the shape and our name on it and then we put down how many lines of symmetry it has.

We have been reading fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel,Thumbelina and we drew pictures of them. We wrote fairy tales aswell, in our castle books after the dragon left them for us. We pretented to be fairy tale characters in drama.

For robert burns day we made haggis,neeps and tatties and we have recited the Selkirk Grace.

We have also been learning a new prayer in class it is called the ‘Glory Be’.

We have had a very busy week in p1/2 we will write back soon Jake,Maria,Blair,Frankie and the rest of p1/2