Playground Project – The Storytelling Chair has arrived!

As part of the plans for the playground project the Parent Council wanted to create an open-air classroom in the wooded area of the rear playground.  Late last year we commissoned the making of a storytelling chair.  The chair was designed and hand-made by one of our parents – Andy Mangan, Dad of Kyle in P3.  As you will see from the photos the finished chair exceeded all our expectations and looks absolutely wonderful!

We would like to express a huge thanks to Andy for all the hard work, imagination and hours of time he put into creating this wonderful chair for our open-air classroom.  Thanks also goes to Bill Gleeson for storing the chair until the weather improved enough to install it and also for transporting the chair to the school and helping Andy to put it together.  Mr Mangan Snr was also there on the day to lend a hand so thanks to him also.

Primary 5 and Mrs Dalglish are now working on lots of ideas to improve the wooded area as part of their John Muir Trust Award.  They have already cleared the area of rubbish and litter and cleaned out the composting bins (yeuk!) so they can restart the composting properly. They will also be working with a team from the ‘Dadswork’ project who will be helping with some of the bigger  jobs. We are looking forward to hearing and seeing more from them soon.

Let’s hope the weather improves so the storytelling chair can be put to good use!
Storytelling Chair on PhotoPeach