ICT Group Presentation

Three pupils from P6 & P7 work with Mrs Gill each week to enhance their ICT skills so that they can pass them on to their peers in the school.

In order to raise the profile of the group, they gave a presentation at Assembly on Friday explaining what they have been doing and what they aim to do in the current year.
Why don’t you have a look.

ICT Group Presentation

The ICT Group are Jessica, Nathan, Christian, Liam, Ellie and Iona.

2 thoughts on “ICT Group Presentation

  1. hi ICT Group, nice job, and great to see the website back!

    here’s an idea for a project for the website – how about a school calendar – you could add in the dates of Assemblies, class outings, dress down days, football matches and so on.

    And the Parent Council could also add boring stuff like their Meetings too 🙂

  2. Hi ICT Group! I enjoyed viewing your presentation. It doesn’t just describe what you do, but also conveys your enthusiasm really well. Well done!

    If I can help you, please let me know. I’ve recently discovered that P6/7 classes enjoy learning to use Scratch to tell stories and make animations. Maybe you could introduce that to your classes?

    Ask your teacher to start Internet Explorer on her PC, choose the Education Exchange favourite, and browse to a file called “haunted scratch.sb” in ICT\Scratch\Haunted Scratch… and see what happens!

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