Thank you from the Eco Group!

Thanks to all parents who sent in their Christmas cards for recycling.  We collected a massive 2765 cards.  Take a look at our photos below to see how we counted them.  We decided to put them into piles of 20 and then count up all the piles at the end.  There were soo many that we nearly ran out of space in the spare classroom.  All the tables and lots of the floor was covered in our piles of cards.  Whilst we were counting we discussed  how much money had been spent on buying and posting the cards and how much paper had been used.  We reckoned it must have been hundreds of  pounds. This made us think about how we could be more Eco friendly with our Christmas cards in future.  We came up with some ideas –

  • P5 cut up some of their cards for art work.  We will ask all classes to do this next year.
  • We will ask all children to only give 1 card to their class instead of writing individual ones for everyone in the class.
  • We will ask parents again next year to recycle their cards with us.

Enjoy our slideshow!

Eco Committee



Eco Group – Recycling Xmas Cards on PhotoPeach

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