P1K and P2 Visit Edinburgh Castle!

Yesterday, P1K, P1H and P2 all went on a trip to Edinburgh Castle!

Here are Loretto Army entering the Castle and looking around:

Here we are looking at Mons Meg and other cannons and the 1 o’clock gun:

We took part in a workshop where we made crowns and dressed up as people who would have lived in a Castle:

Finally, a look at the Crown Jewels and the Great Hall:

Happy browsing!

Miss Kinsella 🙂

1 thought on “P1K and P2 Visit Edinburgh Castle!

  1. lily (McLean) enjoyed her visit to Edinburgh castle,she was so excited
    Telling us about it on the phone,the best part for Lily being the dungeons.
    We were a little let down when we were unable to access the photographs.
    lily,s nana & grandad robbo

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