Eco meeting Thursday 24th October 2013

Today in the Eco Committee the present reps and Mrs Capaldi talked about our litter themed Eco Week.
We came up with some great ideas like a no paper day, eco assembly, wrapper free themed break, recycled art scultpures etc.

Today we welcomed the new eco reps from primary 2 up (as primary 1 have still to choose there reps)
We handed out our lables and recycling and composting caddies.

The rotas for the plastic recycling, composting and paper recycling have been handed out to the teachers, they should be posted somewhere in the classroom where the eco reps can see them.
As you’ll probably know the Eco Committee have an Eco Code but we think it’s time to get something new so we came up with an idea to hold and eco code competition for a new one. The details are still to be confirmed when this will take place but the judging will be in the next eco meeting.

As usual every eco week once a year each class gets a turn at litter picking we hope you are looking as forward to it as we are!

By Niamh and Abby, P6