Litter Week

Next week is our Eco week and the Eco Committee have decided to have a Litter focus. We have thought about lots of fun things to do.  We will be doing Litter themed Literacy, Numeracy and Art in our classes and have a challenge to write a new Eco Code for the school.  For the whole school Litter pick up on Tuesday, each class will have a different part of the playground to clean up. Every child will need to bring a spare pair of gloves to collect rubbish with.  On Wednesday, we will have a wrapper free snack day – please bring fruit or snacks in tubs for playtime.  The healthier, the better of course!  On Thursday, we will have our no paper day challenge.  We will have to think about creative ways of doing our work that day – laptops, whiteboards etc.  It should be fun!

Thanks for reading,

Lucy C and Bruce, P5 Eco reps

PS.  Thanks to Grace C  in P2/3 for the lovely poster!


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  1. I love the idea of a wrapper free snack! We get lots of litter in the nursery playground that has blown in from the school playground. It would be lovely for that to get reduced, or better still not be a problem at all.

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