St Andrew’s Day Celebrations

St Andrew’s Day Celebrations! on PhotoPeach

Today at Loretto we have been celebrating St Andrew’s Day. to do that we entered a school competition for the best Scottish themed dining hall. Every class done something different, for example p7 did Irn-bru cans and bottles out of collage and p6 made ‘Broons’ pictures of the Scottish dumplings etc. and to make it even better the primary ones dressed in their tartan skirts and sashes and sang ‘Three Craws’ to the judges and teachers a really cute Scottish song. Lets just hope we win the competition, wish us good luck!!! 🙂

By Rebecca and Aidan ross from primary seven

News just in, at the end of today. Loretto RC Primary School Won the competition!!

Well done everyone on all the learning and fantastic art work. You have made us proud! Mrs Baker

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