Quake, rattle and roll!

Our trip to dynamic earth
In early December we went to Dynamic Earth for our school trip. We went to Dynamic Earth to learn more about natural disasters. We went on a time machine to see how our planet was made in the beginning. As we walked round, we had worksheets to work on and we had to find the answers. We watched videos and in the volcano room, the floor moved! It was very realistic. We loved the huge iceberg too. When we watched the 4D movie it was like the animals were coming out of the screen and we could smell and feel snow. After that we went to the rainforest to see different types of animals like the Tiki bird and the ape. Then after we had lunch and the we went to a natural disasters work shop. Also that week we had won the hall prize of £100 the person at the workshop said that there moving us to an island that we had to name (we called it Tropicana). We done lots of activities like trying to find meteorites, making mini volcanoes, making tornadoes with bottles, water and glitter, placing our school on Tropicana, seeing natural disasters are happening and looking at images of what people use to make schools and houses around the world. Our part was the 4D movie.

Written by Laura and Bruce P5