Dress Down Friday

we’ve almost reached the end of term, and it’s dress down day tomorrow! Please remember to bring £1 for Dress Down Day. Also, the Parent Council are running a festive tuck shop, so the kids will be able to buy snacks there too. This month, at the request of the children, all funds raised are being sent to Disaster Relief in the Philippines.

Here’s some information on who exactly our aid will be helping, there’s a link to a video below too:

We would like to rebuild 2 classrooms that were destroyed in San Isidro School. This is the very poor area we have been helping. The school has around 90 kids in kindergarten to grade 3. The cost for rebuilding two classrooms and some educational material should be around P750,000! Anyone wanting to assist please contact me at this Facebook address or my email address info@paradiseenglish.com