P5’s music workshop

On Wednesday, 29th January, P5 went to a music workshop. A man called Dave told us about his work and meeting American astronauts. He works in a theatre doing music. Firstly, Dave played some music on the piano. He played Jaws and Mission Impossible. We sung songs like Rose Red. Dave showed us how music changes by pressing different keys. He told us that in the time of cave men they used music to communicate. Dave also showed us how to make music using our body.

After break time, Dave showed us a SPECIAL toilet roll time machine! He said that he had to borrow it from a friend that works in a museum(he said it was special because it had 400 squares). It was fun. We drew on our “Special toilet roll time machine,” the points on the time line that we knew like the Egyptions, cave men, Jesus Christ, Vikings and Mary Queen of Scots. Dave split us into groups so we can make our own music. We had 15 minutes to make our music. After that we showed it to the rest of the class and the other children in our class said what they liked about it and what not. After that, we got into a circle and played pass the squeeze. Dave said the record in the game was two and a half seconds. We were trying to beat the record but it got worse and worse!! The first one was 4 seconds (Or elephants), the second one was five and a half. Then Dave pointed at different people and we had to make silly noises!

After lunch, Dave told us a true story about a boy called Adso. Gido, (his teacher) taught Adso everything he knew about music. When Gido had to leave to go to Florida, he left Adso to look after the Church. Gido told him to send him his music, so he knew that everything was ok. Adso was good at music, but one day, soldiers wanted to attack to get gold, silver and precious things. Adso needed to send a letter for help, but how? One of the soldiers had to look at everything he wrote. So Adso wrote musical notes instead of the alphabet (If that makes sense). Adso sent the letter to Gido. Gido looked at it and thought how stupid he had been leaving such a young and hopeless boy in charge of the Church. So he threw it away and stomped out. When he was at work, Gido couldn’t stop thinking about Adso’s music. Then he realized it was a code saying, “Send help, under attack.” Gido burst out the door and yelled “We need the army! Adso needs help!” In the Church in Aretzzo a soldier saw a light. Then another. And another. Until there was so many lights, that the soldiers got a fright and ran away. Aretzzo was safe!
We made music to go with each part of the story. We only practised it, then we performed it to Primary 6! At the end, we played pass the squeeze once more.At the beginning it was 6 and a half seconds and then… guess what… WE DID IT IN 2 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!! We beat Preston Pans Primary school by only half a second! The P5’s loved the music workshop.
By Maja and Poula ^.^ 🙂