World Book Day

Today is World Book Day! We have been doing lots of things related to books. First of all different classes heard stories from the wonderful story tellers who came to the school. The stories were from different countries around the world. ‘We liked them because we got to shout out’.

This is some of our thoughts about today…

Primary 3/4 We have been having great fun, reading out loud to each other in different classes, we have been swapping teachers to hear stories and look at different books. We are designing Book Covers.

Primary 5 have designed book covers. They have been to see the storyteller in the gymhall, they had a competition on the number of books read and A.R quizzes completed. They have also read their favourite books in reading time.

Primary 1K have also been to see the storyteller. They have read stories and shared and disscussed their favourite books, they re-designed front covers. Primary 1K have also learnt what the ‘title’ the ‘author’ and the ‘illustrator’

Primary 1H have disscussed their favourite stories with each other and re-designed front covers of their books. They also have been to see the story teller.

Primary 2/3 have had a teacher swap with primary 3/4 to read stories. Brought in books for a book swap, read a page of their book to primary 3/4 and went to listen to the story teller.

Primary 2 listened to the storyteller and designed a book cover forĀ a book and for homework they are illustrating their pages of their reading books.

Primary 6 have disscused diffrent genres of books and designed book covers and went to listen to the storyteller with primary 7

Primary 7 made their own autobiographys and listened to the storyteller.

By Iona MacIsaac Primary 7

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  1. Wow, the school were busy today. Well done, Iona, for sharing that news. The Nursery have been designing houses for the three little pigs, and building a wolf trap! We read the story “Jumblebum” which we have just found out is the winning title for the Scottish Book Awards!

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