The Primary 6s produced some amazing work filling in application forms to be buddies. They had to say a little about themselves, what they could offer their buddy and list a choice of 3 buddies with their reasons for choice. Some of the comments made were:

“I can offer care and attention. I will make sure they would know what they’re doing and help them in any way that I can.”

“I could offer my buddy love and I would help them if they were hurt. I would also give them my time so they would feel very warm and welcome when they go into primary 1. Whenever my buddy needs me I will be there for them because I am very responsible.”

“I could help them learn some of the skills I know.”

“I can offer care, trust and fun to my buddy.”

“I can offer that I will be trustworthy. I can help them with anything if it is schoolwork or a problem that they are not happy about.”

The nursery were also asked who they would like as their buddies and using all this information, as well as observations from when the Primary 6 children have been working in the nursery, we allocated the buddies. We visited Primary 6 today to announce who was buddied with whom. Everyone was delighted! We spent some time in the class with our buddies reading stories and drawing pictures.

Over the coming weeks the Primary 6s will be coming down regularly to work with their buddies, building a relationship that will continue into Primary 1.

Here are some photos in a YouTube slideshow of our visit to Primary 6 today:

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  1. Only seems like yesterday that,our Nathan was given his buddy,he’s now in S1 how time flies x

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