Smoothie Making

As part of Health Week Primary 1K and Primary 1H set up a smoothie café in their classrooms on Tuesday. We had a raspberry and banana smoothie and a mango, pineapple and orange smoothie on offer! P2, P2/3 and P3/4 came along to test them out! The classes watched the smoothies being made in one room and then were brought through to the Healthy Eating Café in the other where waiters and waitresses took orders and brought their customers a delicious drink. P1 worked very hard to decide on and create their menus and to train to work in the café. They did very well. While their customers were waiting they were able to play healthy eating games and enjoy each other’s company. We are all very much enjoying health week – thank you to Mrs Ramage for all her hard work in organising it! Here are some pictures of P2 visiting the café…

We hope lots of children have come home with ideas for their own smoothie recipes! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Smoothie Making

  1. Logan was making banana and raspberry smoothie tonight, his favourite from the P1 smoothie café 🙂

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