Sustainability Summit

sustainability summitOn the 5th of June, Chloe and Ailsa from P4, Lucy C from P5, and Niamh H, Abby and Andi from P6 joined Mrs Capaldi at the Eco Summit hosted by Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School.  We listened to talks from some people at the Council who were talking about recycling in East Lothian and got lots of good ideas from the other schools about the things we could do next year in the Eco Committee.  We took lots of notes that we will share with the Eco Committee at our next meeting.  Here we are getting our photo taken Iain Gray MSP, Stuart McPherson and the children from the other schools.  We are preparing a newsletter to share all our Eco successes this year at the moment.  Watch this space for more news!

The Eco Committee

1 thought on “Sustainability Summit

  1. II hope you got some great ideas.

    I was wondering today, could the nursery get a brown bin? I pulled out 2 bin bags of weeds that could have be recycled rather than going to landfill.

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